To my California friends

I am missing California like crazy this weekend! I miss the beach so much I can almost taste it. And so many other wonderful things that I like to think I didn’t take for granted, but halfway across the country, all seem so much better than anything there is to do here right now. 

 California friends, please, for me, squeeze all of the goodness you can out of summer. 

Go to the beach (and try new ones!) as often as you can–even on non-sweltering days. 

Hit the National Parks, especially Yosemite, and wander around the beautiful sites. 

Go to museums and outdoor movies and outdoor concerts. 

Bask in the glorious weather–even that super hot one-week-per-summer that LA gets (above 90°) and everyone complains and hates it, and a week later, it’s back in the 70s and breezy again. 
Hike anywhere you can–mountains, canyons, Runyon, whatever. All we have here are hills or lakes to walk around, and it is not the same. And did I mention it’s always 100°+?

Roadtrip anywhere–up the coast, down the coast. Find somewhere new to spend a weekend. Try new restaurants and bars and coffee shops and locals’ spots. 

Go camping. I miss camping on the beach in Malibu so much right now. Just a small strip of sand–but all the way down to the water–and a fire ring, and a picnic table, and cooking over fire and making smores and looking for constellations and setting up the tent as close to the high tide line as we dared and waking up to seabirds and waves. 

Eat all the good things.  Enough said. 

And finally, just generally embrace that you live in a crazy, expensive, crowded, wonderful, beautiful place literally surrounded by wonderful things to do. 

Please, for me, go out and do them. 


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