Boozy Summer Recipe: The Easiest Piña Colada


Hello readers, assuming y’all still exist.  We’ll ignore, for the moment, that I haven’t blogged in like, a year.  I haven’t died.  I’ve just been busy.  And my iPhoto hated me.  And this Photos program and I are still working it out.  Insert more excuses here.  

At any rate, today was a super hot day.  LA is having what we like to refer to as a heat wave.  Which, anywhere else, like my native Georgia, would just be considered “summer.”  It’s like, 100+ in the Valley, 110+ in the desert, and 90+ in LA proper.  So we did what we always do, hot or cold, and headed to the beach.  Malibu was nice today.  Here’s a photo.


It was a good beach day.  But eventually it got dark and we headed home and our apartment was, unsurprisingly, still quite warm.  And I wasn’t quite over the beach yet.

Enter the piña colada.


Not a sponsored post. Though, if you’re reading, Caesars Palace, and want to sponsor another trip, we’d probably be down ; )

We were in Las Vegas in July, when it was, also predictably, 110+ degrees.  The pool was our refuge.  And maybe the heat got to me, because I shelled out for a pina colada, blended in poured into a hollowed out pineapple.  We drank it by the pool.  It was a very good piña colada, but not worth whatever they charged for it.  But whatever happens in Vegas, or something.

Anyway, I guess that was on my mind today, so while making my breakfast smoothie this morning, I popped a can of pineapple into the freezer.  And tonight, I blended 3 ingredients together and had an awesome, cheap, easy piña colada that made sweating in my apartment a little less awful.  So I decided to write it up and share.


The Easiest Piña Colada – makes 2 glasses


1 can (regular size, not the jumbo ones) pineapple chunks in pineapple juice

1 can (regular size, not the mini kind) coconut milk (and not the kind that comes in a jug like almond milk.  and not the “low fat/low calorie” kind)

white rum (technically, if you’re a measurer, the ratio is 3:1:1 pineapple:coconut cream:rum, but I like my drinks strong)

Maraschino cherries (optional, but always delicious)


Freeze your can of pineapple all day, or at least a couple hours.  I opened mine before freezing, since I wasn’t sure how opening a frozen can would go.  If you’re in a hurry, or it’s a piña colada emergency, you can skip this step, but I like my frozen drinks as strong as I can get them, and I generally think ice waters them down.  Hence, frozen pineapple instead of frozen water.  But no judgments here.

Open your can of coconut milk and drain off most of the watery-looking liquid.  You’re after the thick white creamy stuff.  Otherwise, you can use coconut cream, which is technically correct, but I always have coconut milk on hand for curry, and never coconut cream.

Dump frozen pineapple (I had to run the can under hot water for several seconds to loosen the sides), thick creamy coconut milk, and rum (to taste) in a blender and blend.  If you’re not using frozen pineapple, throw in just enough ice to make it your desired level of cold.  Blend until smoothish.  Pour into glasses, add straws, and maraschino cherries for extra classiness/deliciousness.

I didn’t stage these beautifully because it’s late and the light here is awful, but here’s what my final product looked like:


You could obviously use much prettier glasses.  Or pineapples.  They actually sell a tool to hollow out pineapples if you want to make them into cups.  I’m like, 90% sure pineapple cups aren’t dishwasher safe, though.

Anyway, that’s it.  Enjoy your super easy, delicious piña coladas!



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