A day off!


Today I had an accidental-planned day off.  Yes, mid-week.  Which NEVER happens, except on the ultra-rare (too many hyphens, sorry) Monday off from the law firm when I’m not recruited by Grandma for a day of chores/errands/laundry/cleaning/miscellany.  How did this happen, you ask?

I asked myself the same thing at first when I was checking my schedule at the Fruity Tech Company.  You see, about a month or so ago, I had a mini-meltdown about working too much.  I work 6 days a week at two jobs–one day at one, the next at the next, then Saturdays off.  Ryan works the same schedule, but all at one job, and typically longer hours.  6 day work weeks are really hard.  I think if either of us didn’t work that much, it would be harder for the other to keep up.  But since we both do (because we have to–not by choice), we make it work usually.  Occasionally I’ll request a Sunday off from the Fruity Tech Company (I don’t really get to take unscheduled days off from the law firm) and drag Ryan along with me for a weekend trip.  When you work 6 days a week, it really helps you get through tough weeks if you have something to look forward to.  In our case, that’s usually a day off (Saturday) or an extra day off (holiday) or Christmas or something.  I try to plan at least one of these a month so we always have something to look forward to.  

But last month, apparently I had worked too long with no end in sight and had a little meltdown (these usually start with a string of hard/long workdays, exhaustion, and then turn into a when-is-Ryan-ever-going-to-graduate induced fit, and end with me freaking out because our lives are never going to make it past grad school drudgery.  So I guess I went on the schedule-days-off website, started requesting days, and it told me all of them were taken.  I figured it was because I only put in Sundays (to have a real-person two day weekend) and put in a random Thursday to see if the system would take that.  It didn’t.  But apparently a few of the days got approved anyway.  I later cancelled some of the requests when I calmed down (I had requested a stupid number of days–WAY too many), but somehow missed this Thursday.  So this week, when it popped up on my schedule, I was pleasantly surprised.  Ryan told me to take it easy and do fun things and enjoy my day, but instead, I decided to have a productive day.  

Neither Ryan nor I like to clean.  With our insane work schedules, It’s not a priority.  Things like cooking together or catching up on a show we like on Netflix, or reading, or sleeping, or managing to finally decompress after a long day are priorities.  We’re not home enough for our place to get dirty, really, except when we have big cooking sessions, but we are definitely guilty of allowing laundry or pans to pile up a bit sometimes.  We don’t live a gross life; we just don’t usually have a regular laundry day or wash every pan or dish as soon as we use them.  On Ryan’s (admittedly nearly-non-existent) solo days off, he usually starts the day with a couple hours of online gaming, heads to the beach and fishes, and I may guilt him into doing some household chore that has been piling up (a sinkful of dishes, or putting away the hampers of clean laundry) if I beg him.  Domestic stuff (outside the kitchen, anyway) isn’t his priority, and not what he wants to do with a day off.  To be fair, they’re definitely not things I want to do either, but I see things differently.  If I have a solo day off that I wouldn’t usually have (like today), I like to squeeze in as many chores or errands as possible so we don’t have to do them on our precious Saturdays.  

Which brings me to what I did on my glorious, unexpected day off today:

1. Woke up when Ryan woke up (7:30).  Promptly tried to tune out NPR and slept like a rock til around 10:30

2. Got out of bed, a bit guiltily, because I didn’t plan to sleep that late.  But it was so good!  Texted with my uncle and sent him a picture of my Grandma to send to KTLA because they want to do a story on her as a follow up on her LA Times article yesterday.  

3. Called my mum and sister, talked about their new grill, ate “breakfast (blueberry cobbler Ryan made–so good!).  Washed big dishes in sink, loaded and ran dishwasher

4. Netflix binged on 30 Rock and caught up on blog reading

5. Threw on some clothes, walked to the bank, got rolls of quarters for laundry, bussed to Chickfila, picked up a sandwich and a wrap, walked home

6. Made sun tea, watered the plants, unloaded dishes, realized I somehow accidentally got Barbecue sauce at Chickfila instead of Polynesian (a travesty!), found a rogue packet of Polynesian sauce, ate Chickfila sandwich (#1, baby!), watched more 30 Rock

7. Folded and put away clean laundry, sorted dirty laundry (more 30 Rock)

8. Started laundry, Netflixed Archer (my current go-to background noise Netflix show), Pinterested, looked for banana bread recipes.  Fridged sun tea.  

9. Threw laundry in dryer, ate Chickfila wrap.  Ryan came home after a crappy day and ate cobbler.  We watched Mind of a Chef (so good!) on Netflix.  I seriously worked our Netflix account today.  This is more TV than I usually watch in an entire week.  Collected and folded laundry with Ryan.  Watched more Mind of a Chef.  

10.  Ryan hopped on games and I found a banana bread recipe.  He retired to the bedroom to watch Scandal because I make fun of him for watching it.  I made banana bread.  It’s currently in the oven and smells damn delicious.  Now I am blogging and waiting for it to be done.  

I’m sorry, all 2 of you out there who read this blog, because this is the most boring post in the world.  But I like to write, and NEVER have enough time to do it, so I am right now, on my glorious, productive day off.  And unfortunately, all I’m doing today is writing about what I did in a day, in list form.  But sometimes that is enough.  For today, anyway.  



One thought on “A day off!

  1. LOL!!! This was funny, but next time – More Pictures!! 😉
    1. You watch Archer?!? I LOVE Archer!
    2. Ryan watches Scandal?! Lol…I’m so going to make fun of him, BUT Keri Washington is pretty hot…
    3. Congrats on your day off!


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