It’s Mother’s Day, yo


It’s Mother’s Day today (or it is for another hour or so on the west coast), and social media and the internets have been chock full of the obligatory “I have the best mother ever” posts.  And I have no doubt these folks have awesome mothers.  Hooray, mothers!  I do not contest their awesomeness, but rather, present my own mum as a kickass mother.






mum old house sm

senior night













My mother gave up an awesome job and cool friends to raise two weird girls.  And may I say, she did a hell of a job of it.  Of course, I may be a little bit biased.  My mom’s got guts aplenty, never followed the in crowd, and always fought the mainstream, but at the same time, has so much appreciation for people and life and things ordinary people would overlook.  She is gorgeous but in denial that she looks way better than nearly everyone her age.  She is insanely smart and reads constantly about so many different subjects.  She never met a stranger and is genuinely interested in everyone and everything.  Which mortified me to no end as a teenager because she would talk to every telemarketer, every librarian, every cashier, even [gasp!] my friends!  Which is why my friends always thought my mom was cool, even when parents were the worst.  It took me a while to come around and realize what a cool and unusual trait that is.  Growing up, she baked for every school event (no store-bought cookies for us!), helped with every school project, took us to every lesson (ballet, soccer, piano, karate, gymnastics, chorus, clarinet…), sewed halloween costumes, played piano for hours so my sister and I could sing along (and helped instill a love for music we’d never lose), hosted loud music dance parties (for me and her and my sister) when our dad was on trips, and would always fight for me when needed.  She’s the most humble person you’d ever meet: always willing to take the blame for something bad , but always giving the credit for something good to someone else.  She is super low maintenance, but always up for any adventure.  She is my #1 editor (seriously, she has amazing writing and editing skills, and I sent her many the late-night paper in college to look over), #1 therapist (I would not make it through the craziness of both jobs without ranting to her, and she allows me to talk at her on the phone for hours), #1 advocate (she’s always got my back, is my greatest cheerleader, and always knows how to cheer me up.  And she’s not shy about articulating my skills.  If I ever make it in this world, I’m hiring her as my PR person.  Seriously.), and she makes kickass desserts to boot.  The craziest part is she has no idea how awesome she is.  But I do.  I love her to pieces, and wish everybody out there could have a mom half as great as mine. Because that’s a pretty insane dose of fantastic.

Now, all I have to do is keep luring her out to LA enough to convince her to move here and leave stupid Georgia behind and come have adventures with me all the time.  One day….






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