Day Tripping: LACMA


After a busy but wonderful early January, we finally found ourselves with a free Saturday.  As we pondered how to spend it, I discovered that it was a free museum day at the LACMA.  I was super thrilled because I really wanted to go back when the Tim Burton exhibit was in town and pretty much ever since, but I’ve never made it.

So we hopped on a bus and rode downtown.

I always get excited when we are near the LACMA because I love Urban Light.  Such a cool installation.

IMG_9181 IMG_9183

I’ve never seen it at night, but it’s on my list.  We’re such west siders, we’re never near that part of town after dark unless there’s a concert or something.


We got our tickets squared away and hit the galleries.




Looking cultured.



Ryan’s not big into museums, but he occasionally really digs a piece.  I’m saving his favorite for last.


This was one of my favorites.  It was a little metal framed cabin/building completely covered in film strips.




I’m always a sucker for bright, colorful shiny things



This staircase was too much fun



Ryan wouldn’t pose with the sculptures, but I did.



We decided to take a break and head across the street to the sea of food trucks.

And found a truck from a restaurant we loved!


Hooray Komodo Cafe!



The truck food wasn’t as transformative as the restaurant’s was, but it was still good.

We wandered over to the La Brea Tar Pits for a stroll before heading back to the art.  Check out the awesome wooly mammoth in the water.  The tar pits are definitely on our list for another day.



Kinetic sculpture fountain




One more picture with a silver stone wall.  I told you I can’t resist shiny things!



And as promised, I saved Ryan’s favorite (and possibly mine, too) for last.

Metropolis II

It’s a crazy set of tracks and buildings and cars that just go and go and go.

They didn’t allow videos, so I won’t post the ones I took.  But it’s super cool, and worth a visit for sure.  We watched for probably half an hour.

Here’s a video that the LACMA blog posted.



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