The Newport Beach Boat Parade: A Strange but Wonderful SoCal Tradition


We’re flashing back to December again.  I’ll catch up one of these days….  Over Christmas, I wanted to hit up a tradition that is uniquely southern Californian.  So after our Warby Parker and Komodo afternoon, we headed to Newport Beach for the boat parade they host in the harbor every December.  We had never been, and it was quite an event.  

I love a good beach house, and I love some Christmas lights, so when you put the two together, it’s basically a Christina magnet.  Newport Beach was no exception.



So Orange County


We found a spot on a boat dock, set up the chairs we dragged along, and waited for the parade to begin.  


Ryan was less excited about this than I was.  It was also kind of chilly out.  


And then it began.


This one was Ryan’s favorite, solely based on the fact that the dragon breathed fire.  Which a solid reason for anything to be a favorite.ImageImageImage

A little Charlie Brown Christmas-themed boatImageImageImage

This one was awesome, and I wish I had a better picture.  It played the Jurassic Park music and featured World War I Flying Ace Snoopy being flown around on his doghouse pulled by a dinosaur.  Yes, clearly a winner in my book.


The lights on the docks where we sat.  And the night wasn’t over yet.



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