Sleepy Hollow Christmas

When I mentioned to my friend Sandra that I was heading down to Newport Beach for the Boat Parade, she recommended I also check out Sleepy Hollow and their spectacular lights.  I had never heard of it before, but apparently it’s a huge phenomenon in Torrance, and now I know why.


We parked down at a grocery store and hiked up a hill to the neighborhood and were glad we did (again, thanks Sandra, for the advise).  The whole neighborhood was solid traffic, all cars, mostly filled with little kids, and we were able to walk around faster (and take better pictures) than the cars could.

The entire neighborhood was draped in strings of lights arcing from all the trees.  It was a really cool effect.


The individual houses went all out, too.  And neighbors had fire pits in their yards, sold cookies and cocoa, the whole nine yards.  ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Christmas pigs!Image

Enormous snowman!Image



Yes, that is a group of penguins, one of which is driving a golf cart.


And that, my friends, is a ukelele choir.  They played and sang Christmas carols.  I had never experienced a ukelele chorus, but it was pretty excellent.

IMG_6346That is Santa praying to a baby Jesus.


And that concludes a very epic day.


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