Rum Balls: bite sized, alcoholic Christmas bits


My mum makes awesome rum balls.  People go crazy for them.  She used to make them for bake sales when she was in the Air Force and they would charge double for them and they’d still run out first.  And so I share her amazing recipe with you.  

Mum’s Awesome Rum Balls


60 or so Vanilla Wafers

1 cup chopped nuts (mum uses pecans, but walnuts are also acceptable)

2 tbsp cocoa

3 tbsp corn syrup

1/4 cup dark rum or brandy or whiskey (I use more)

powered sugar for rolling


Food process the vanilla wafers and nuts until they’re pretty small.  Then add everything else, process until blended.  Roll into balls the size of shooter marbles, then roll in powdered sugar.  


They are delicious.  Ryan ate a ton and vouches for them, too. I even brought some for the little party we had at my law firm (just the associates and us little people) and they were a hit.


We also had cheese on cute little crackers, fudge I made that totally didn’t set up and was more icing than fudge (on shortbread cookies), and gluewein.  The mulled wine was awesome and everything together made a nice little Christmas party.


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