Christmas Part 3: back in Los Angeles


We took a day to recover from our awesome trip before we did the rest of Christmas back in LA.  Image

Ryan got me a bag of fossils.  He didn’t expect me to love it, but I did.  Super cool in a geeky way.


I got him a replacement for the old iHome we had that he hated.  He hated its brightness and crappy reception and so many other things about the old one.  The new one is awesome and dims to complete darkness if we want.  That alone was worth it.  Image

Super awesome enamel dutch oven that I’ve only used once so far, but love and am excited to cook in.


Ryan in his new, not awful gaming headphones (his old ones were deteriorating)


Awesome “Christmas” morning breakfast


Fantastic print of a vintage map of LA


A copy of the same version of the Redbook cookbook that he learned to cook out of


My rainbow sherbet rod and reel, which have now caught a few fish.  I wasn’t fond of the color combination til one of the guys on Ryan’s fishing blog pointed out the rainbow sherbet connection.  Now I just need lime green line.Image

And lastly, our ornaments.  Every year, we make each other an ornament.  I made him one with pinecones I collected from a trip earlier this year.  He added shark teeth (hence the fossils) to a dog toy of the abominable snow monster from Rudolph.  It’s quite gruesome, but endearing, and very Ryan.  I guess our ornaments are pretty good reflections of us.


All in all, we had a really fantastic Christmas


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