Christmas Part 1: Pismo Beach


Still playing catch up.  We took a few days off during Christmas week and drove up the coast.  Our first stop was Pismo Beach, where we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  


We got a late start up but made it to Pismo just in time for a gorgeous sunset.


Our little room was lovely, and the hotel was right by the water.


We didn’t have any kind of Christmas tree, so I gathered some branches, put them in a coffee mug, and added lights.  Instant Christmas tree.


And with presents.


I made a killer Christmas Eve salmon (we picked up groceries when we arrived) and broiled it in the toaster oven, which we brought with us, since we figured restaurants would mostly be closed for the holidays and we wanted to be able to make our own awesome food.  I highly recommend this practice.  We can eat magnificently in the middle of nowhere with this thing.


We took a little walk around and explored our surroundings on Christmas morning.  It was quite sunny out.


This was the walkway behind our room that was part of our hotel.  It was gorgeous.Image

Then we went back to the room, baked up some oImagerange rolls, assembled some deviled eggs, and popped open a bottle of brochette.  Fancy travel wine glasses were courtesy of Ryan’s brother and brother’s girlfriend.  Image

Then we set out to Pismo Beach.  First stop: the pier.

ImageImageImageRyan never passes up an opportunity to fish.


Then we headed over to the Monarch butterfly grove, which was right next to the beach.


It was getting dark (curse you, winter early sunsets!) and I only had my phone camera with me on this trip, so my pictures are less than spectacular, but I promise there were huge clusters of butterflies in the trees.



Then we headed down to the beach to watch the sun set.


We then headed back to our hotel and hit the hotel bar for Christmas margaritas.  We were glad we had brought our own food (everything we made was much awesomer than the sad hotel restaurant food) and glad we didn’t have to join the weird families eating their Christmas dinners at the sad restaurant.  Christmas margaritas aren’t exactly a tradition, but they may be one now.  Hooray, southern California and Christmases on the beach!


Ryan cooked up some amazing lamb for Christmas dinner, with Christmasy vegetables on the sideImage

The next day, we set off for Part 2 of our Christmas adventure in Santa Barbara


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