Winter in Southern California – Plant Edition


We are truly spoiled, as southern Californians, in the winter months.  While the rest of the country was experiencing the Polar Vortex, it was sunshiny and warm as ever here.  It’s hard to even imagine proper cold with daily temps in at least the 70s.  It feels braggy to even talk about this, but I’m so incredibly grateful to live in this tropical oasis, where our winter jackets sit on hangers in the closet all but an occasional chilly week, or for a trip somewhere actually cold.

I wanted to share some of the gorgeous plants and flowers I’ve come across in December and January.  Enjoy!


A traditional Christmas floral display, from our mall.ImageImageImageImageImageGrapevines and ivy outside the Geffen Theatre


Our boss and his wife received this enormous poinsettia from a friend.  His wife is in the photo for size comparison purposes.  It arrived without a card, but with an invoice that said it had cost nearly $200! and instructions not to show the invoice to the recipients.  I thought of all the plants one could buy with $200 and then all the things one could buy with $200 and then all the things one could do with $200.  Mind boggling.  Image

These photos are from the day it arrived, just before Christmas.  It’s currently languishing in our office conference room because none of us have yards to put it in, and those who do aren’t willing to bring it home and plant it.  I water it several times a week, but it will eventually die, which breaks my heart.  Image

These cacti line the entrance of the Standard Hotel in Hollywood.  But the rest of that visit will be explored in a later post.  ImageImage

These fake plants decked out President Camacho’s little aquarium.  My dear friend Lisa rescued him and his bowl from a hotel party where the fish bowls were being whisked away with the used plates and empty glasses at the end of the night.  She grabbed his bowl and dashed.  He’s a survivor, and I upgraded his digs when I fish sat for him over Christmas while Lisa was in Chicago.

ImageImageImageImageImageThis is our makeshift Christmas tree from our hotel in Pismo Beach.  More on that in a later post.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageThe lovely succulent and colorful pot that greeted us at our little hotel in Santa Barbara just after Christmas.

Here’s wishing sunshine and warmth to all my chilly winter readers.


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