Throwback Saturday – Thanksgiving


Only [almost] two months late!  Here’s what we did for Thanksgiving, which also happened to be my Grandma’s birthday.  And in case you’re wondering, cranberry sauce is at its fanciest when it still has the lines in it. That’s even the coveted end slice, which has lines on the end AND sides.  I can’t even deal with all this fanciness.

Let’s jump back to November 28, 2013, shall we?  


Grandma’s birthday cranberry curd and chocolate sauce, bundled and labeled.Image

Streaming the Macy’s parade on my computer


Cutesy portrait before we left home.  The backdrop is the gorgeous tree that shades our balcony

I’m so fortunate to have family in Southern California to share Thanksgiving with.  We met up with my uncles, Todd and Thom, at my Grandma’s house in the Valley.  It was our first Thanksgiving without my Grandpa, which was sad, but we did it up right, and I know he would have really liked it.  


Checking out my Grandpa’s citrus trees, which were coming along nicelyImage

Plump up, little satsumas!Image

The navels look almost ready to goImage

Digging in!  Thanksgiving was a combination of potatoes and stuffing that we made, cranberry sauce and stuffing that Grandma made, and turkey (plus everything else) that Todd and Thom, my uncles, brought.  It was super delicious.  We finished up with pumpkin pie Ryan made (not pictured, unfortunately) and birthday cake!ImageGrandma’s marvelous birthday cake, cleverly designed by Todd.  She rides an adult sized trike all around the Valley, 6+ miles a day, every day, and is quite proud of her palindromic odometer readings.  

Image Grandma hates posing for photos, but was quite tickled by her cakeImage

Grandma and ToddImage



Grandma also sent me home with Grandpa’s old film cameras.  I learned to shoot 35mm black and white in college, so I’m excited to find film and start shooting with his fabulous cameras.  Also, here’s Andy Warhol posing with the same camera as the picture above (I came across it when I was researching these cameras)Image

So cool!

ImageImageImageThere were some other little photo-related gems thrown in, like these gorgeous flash bulbs that look like Christmas ornaments.  Does anyone have any advice on how to shoot with, or stories about any of these cameras?  I’m so looking forward to finding film for them and shooting with them.





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