DIY Christmas Garland


As a follow up to last year’s dollar store wreath, I wanted to add a doorway garland to our Christmas decor.  Our place is little, and it’s already filled with things, so it can’t handle a lot more decorations, but I wanted a little more than just a tree.  I found a lovely pine garland at a craft store before the holidays (yes, this post is quite late) and it inspired the rest of this piece.  


I didn’t end up using all the pieces in the photo above (the acrylic candy canes went on the tree, and the ribbon is waiting for its perfect project to come along), all but the garland and the bobbers came from the dollar store again.  The bobbers came from Bass Pro, and I scooped them up from the value section for $2-$3 this past summer.  They are so vibrant and festive, and I knew I wanted to use them for a Christmas craft, I just wasn’t sure what exactly at the time.  Image

I was originally going to do a wreath of just bobbers, but how many wreaths can one apartment handle?  The nice thing about this garland is that I strung the bobbers on their own fishing line and draped them onto the garland, so they could be removed easily for a different theme.  I wanted to incorporate them because Ryan gets overwhelmed by Christmas decorations, and I wanted to incorporate a familiar, but cheeky element.Image

A word of caution, which I learned by trial and error: I did not tie on the bobbers, but attached each to the fishing line the way one would to fish (you push down on the bobber, and a little metal loop pops up, which you loop the fishing line through.  I didn’t want to knot each individually, but I wanted them evenly spaced.  The thin line that I started with tangled constantly and the bobbers slid all over the place.  And after a while, smushing all those bobbers to thread the line through really hurts your fingers.  When I finally switched to Ryan’s much thicker fishing line, I had a much better time, the bobbers stayed in place, and nothing tangled.  Image

This was the thin line.  It was cute, but so tangly.  Image

I added these red and silver ornaments to the garland, which I picked up at the dollar store.ImageImage

Who can resist festive jingle bells?Image

Ryan was dubious about this whole project.  It won him over in the end though.  Image

Bobbers all strung togetherImage

Hung in the doorway.  The bobber line is a separate piece that can be removed for a less fishy theme.  


Close up


It was missing a little extra something, so I added Christmas lights, for just the right amount of kitsch and holiday cheer.  Image



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