A Saturday in Hollywood: The Standard + Warby Parker + Komodo Cafe


Since I’m still catching up on December blog posts, we’ll travel back in time to mid December for this one.  Ryan needed glasses, having finally crushed the pair he’d had since high school one too many times.  I’ve always loved Oliver Peoples, but since Ryan has a tendency to crush/loses glasses, we opted for something a bit more realistic/affordable.  Maybe one day….

Warby Parker is a company that mostly operates online and makes stylish, not crazy expensive glasses.  Several of my friends got their glasses from them, so I kind of pushed Ryan in that direction.  When we went online, most of the glasses they had to lend out that he liked(you tell them up to 5 pairs that you want to try on, they ship them to you for free, and you can pick one or keep trying more, it’s pretty cool stuff) weren’t available.  But since we live in LA, we decided to find a store (they have one or two in big cities) and try them on.

As it turns out, their nearest “store” (it’s pretty little–just one room that was full of people) was located inside of The Standard Hotel in Hollywood.  We had never been, so all the more reason to check it out.


Not The Standard–maybe the Hollywood Tower Hotel or something like that?


There it is.  Super cool, kind of mid-Century, maybe?Image

Ryan not posing but still looking super cool in the lobbyImage

The bar near the lobby, complete with desert murals and weird fish hanging from the ceilingImageImage

The pool, which I hear is a happening place at night, was not during the dayImage

Lobby cacti


Hip room divider things

Onto the glasses!



I was hoping he’d go for the plastic frames, but he only liked the metal ones.  He felt too hipster in these.

ImageI was much more excited about trying on glasses than he was, even though I’d just gotten a pair of my own.

ImageImageImageThese are the ones we landed on.  Quite dapper.

ImageSuper cool cacti one more time because I was obsessed with them and the cool broken glass ImageSuper awesome bubble chair

ImageHe doesn’t pose for me, but occasionally I luck into a shot when he’s not noticing.

So then, after a quick stop at Petco for fish supplies and a guinea pig petting session, we hit Komodo Cafe (thanks, Yelp!) for some quick lunch.  I didn’t expect much.  I was wrong.


It’s a really tiny restaurant.  I think I remember them mentioning that they started as a food truck, maybe?  We had to wait a minute or two for a table, but it was worth the wait.  Image


The glass with the mint leaves was lychee lemonade, and it was so incredibly, insanely delicious.  I drank a ton.


Food truck mural. Image

Noms.  Everything we got was great, some insanely, dream-about-it fantastic, some just garden variety great.  ImageImageSeriously, if you are anywhere near this place, hit it up.  I’m sad and thankful that we don’t live any closer.  We would eat there constantly, and that stuff isn’t healthy at all, but it was damn tasty.

Then we were off to Newport Beach for the Christmas Boat Parade, but that’s for another post….


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