A Saturday in Hollywood: The Standard + Warby Parker + Komodo Cafe


Since I’m still catching up on December blog posts, we’ll travel back in time to mid December for this one.  Ryan needed glasses, having finally crushed the pair he’d had since high school one too many times.  I’ve always loved Oliver Peoples, but since Ryan has a tendency to crush/loses glasses, we opted for something a bit more realistic/affordable.  Maybe one day…. Continue reading


Winter in Southern California – Plant Edition


We are truly spoiled, as southern Californians, in the winter months.  While the rest of the country was experiencing the Polar Vortex, it was sunshiny and warm as ever here.  It’s hard to even imagine proper cold with daily temps in at least the 70s.  It feels braggy to even talk about this, but I’m so incredibly grateful to live in this tropical oasis, where our winter jackets sit on hangers in the closet all but an occasional chilly week, or for a trip somewhere actually cold.

I wanted to share some of the gorgeous plants and flowers I’ve come across in December and January.  Enjoy! Continue reading

Homemade Cranberry Curd


I’ve really been digging Martha Stewart’s Living magazine this past year.  I’ve always been a big magazine reader, but I keep pulling recipes and crafts and articles out of Living like it’s my job, which is strange, because I never felt super kindred to Martha.  When I saw her recipe for Cranberry Curd in [I think?] the November issue, I knew I wanted to make a jar for my cranberry-loving Grandma.  She makes her own cranberry sauce every Thanksgiving, and she also loves lemon curd, so I thought this would be perfect for her.  I’d also never worked with cranberries before, so this was pretty cool.   Continue reading