Fall in Yosemite National Park (part 3)

Day 3, our last day at the park.


We started the day with scrambled chorizo and eggs, beans, tortillas, and plantains.  Mmm



Gorgeous view of El Capitan and Half Dome off Wawona Rd.  But there was a hike that supposed to offer an even prettier view.  So we took it.  



Future advice: If the beginning of your hike is weird big stone stairs, going pretty steeply upward, know that it’s going to be a bitch of a hike.  Including lots of loose ground, mostly scrambling over/between rocks and trees, and somehow all uphill.  And when you arrive to the “vista point,” not only will it be unmarked, but the view will be no better than where you started and took pictures off the side of the road and you will hate your life.  But we took pictures anyway, because that was one hell of a hike, and I’m not convinced we are got any closer than where we started.  Also, because of the lighting, they look like we’re in front of a green screen or something.  I loved every hike we did in Yosemite except this one.  This one sucked.  Image

That smile is a lie. ImageImage



This is a nice pinecone. 


Moving on.


Here’s Yosemite Falls without any water.  You’re welcome.




I wanted to see an actual waterfall with water, so did the little mini hike up to Bridalveil Fall.  It was a bit better.




We then drove to Yosemite Village to check it out.


I think this was at the Merced River near Sentinel Road. Ryan finally saw fish in the water and stared them down like a dog who has spotted a squirrel but can’t get outside to get it.



Then, we decided to head home.  Except that we passed this gorgeous stretch of the Merced River on our way out, and Ryan saw fish rising.  I told him he could have 20 minutes to fish.  He spent an hour in the water there.  But it was absolutely gorgeous and worth it.



And that’s our trip.  Can’t wait to go back–maybe in Spring next time, when there’s more water? Although this place is always gorgeous and never disappoints.  


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