Catching up! Here’s what we did in September

Since I posted nothing in September or October (curse our busy schedules and that awful roach disaster!), I’m playing a bit of catch up today (hooray, days off!)

When I told you our place was totally out of commission for two months, thanks to our stupid neighbor’s roach infestation that we caught, I wasn’t kidding.  Here’s how we lived for more than 2 months:


The entire contents of our kitchen and bathroom were packed in trash bags and stashed away from these rooms.  Every piece of furniture we could move (so everything except dressers and bookshelves) was pulled at least a foot away from the walls so the exterminator could spray.  And we had to kill any roaches we saw (I got a hand vacuum for this purpose–too gross to smoosh and then clean up).  Our living room and bedroom were a precarious pile of kitchen and bathroom goods.  It was awesome, lemme tell ya.

In the midst of all that, since we had all of our dishes (minus like, 2 plates, 2 cups, 2 bowls, and a set of utensils each) packed up, we had to eat out.  Basically all the time.

Eating out is fun and exploring LA food is awesome.  Except when you have no other choice. And then it kind of sucks.  And is very expensive.  We tried to make the best of it though.  Image Image


Also, Georgia football!  It was a tough season, with practically all our main players getting quite injured, but they tried hard.  And we cheered them on.



Also, I helped save a mouse!  I found him outside our break room at work on a super hot afternoon, and he didn’t move when I came close to take a picture.  He seemed very sick or injured.  I found a drink lid, filled it with water, and put it close to him.  He didn’t move towards it. I pushed it up to his little face.  He finally started drinking and drank quite a bit for such a small animal.  I checked on him throughout lunch.  He had finally opened his eyes and seemed aware of his surroundings.


A friend later told me he had gone to offer some bread to the mouse (several people took an interest in the little guy), and the mouse had scampered off as he approached, with a limp.  But as far as I’m concerned, we saved the little guy.

And per usual, Ryan and I spent the majority of our free time (what little we have) at the beach.  We ventured up to Zuma (in Malibu), which is a new favorite of mine.  It was wonderfully sunny and gorgeous.


It’s strange reading all your Fall magazines, with their ads for pumpkin spice everything, their autumnal crafts, and cold-weather recipes for soups and stews, on a beach in 80 degree weather.

IMG_3111Oh, California, you are splendid.


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