Catching up! Here’s what we did in October

October was more low key.  We did get out a bit though.

Ryan presented at a Chemistry Symposium at work.  He looked fancy.  He thinks he looks bored/mean in this picture.  I disagree.

ImageAlso to note: he wore his birthday Clarks, NOT his crappy destroyed Brooks.  Fashion win.

I fancied up, too, and joined him for the awards dinner that night.



I also hit a happy hour or two.  Some snacks and sangria at our regular spot, Napa Valley Grille.Image

And at Bodega in Santa Monica with my dear friend Lisa.


She got married in August!  She and Matt look so fancy here!


Since I had to work on Halloween, we went out that weekend in Hollywood.

But not til after she made me dinner and we watched Hocus Pocus with Wrigley.


Lisa always has interesting reading material and good wine on hand


This is Wrigley


He was in a hand chewing mood

We met up with Lisa’s friend Mel and her boyfriend Lloyd.  They’re super sweet.  Lisa, Mel, and I were the only people in all of Hollywood who were dressed up.  Because no one else was cool enough to wear costumes.  Lame-os.


Poison Ivy and Mrs. Mia Wallace


Full costume shot

Good times.  Happy Halloween, indeed.



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