What makes Christmas Christmas for you?

I’ve been itching to put up our Christmas tree for the past week or two. It has something to do with holiday season setting in at my retail job (malls start decorating before Halloween), but I’ve also always loved Christmas. I have to admit I love it a little less now that I work retail, mostly because of the occasional grinches that come in (demanding, rude, snippy) and how commercial everything is.  I guess I was hoping everybody would be imbued with the Christmas spirit and full of love or something, ha.

That said, I love the family, friend, craft, gifting, and cooking aspects of the holiday. And I love to decorate!


Every year, I’m itching to put up the tree in November (we have a fake one–someday we’ll be able to get a real one), but Ryan makes me wait until after Thanksgiving.

For me, the Christmas season comes with a very specific set of requirements:

1. There must be a Christmas tree and as many lights on it as possible. It will be lit every night.

2. Christmas music will be played/performed as much as possible.

3. While there isn’t really requisite food, there are definitely required desserts to be baked/eaten. Rugelach, truffles, fudge, and spritz cookies all make the list.

4. The Christmas trifecta: claymation Rudolph, the Grinch who stole Christmas (obviously the cartoon narrated by Boris Karloff, not the Jim Carrey abomination), and Charlie Brown Christmas. It is not Christmas until all 3 have been seen at least once.

These are my bare minimum requirements for the Christmas season. What are your Christmas necessities? Do you have any unique ones? Any I should add to my list?


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