Another easy recipe: Ham Salad


This afternoon at the grocery store, my inner southerner wanted ham.  Not a lot of ham.  Ham gets tired really fast.  And too salty.  I crave ham maybe twice a year, max.  And I would never, ever buy a whole ham, or even most of a ham.  So I bought a ham steak.

I will not show you a picture.  It was not that attractive, and I’m kind of ashamed I did it.  But it was a big slice of real ham, even with a little ring of bone to show you it came from an actual animal, not like that gross ground up lunch meat stuff.  Gag.

Anyway, I had celery and onion on hand and did what any rational southerner would do and made ham salad.  We like us some salads.  Chicken salad, egg salad, potato salad.  None of which actually involve, you know, greenery or real salad fixings.

This isn’t really a recipe post, more just sharing a what-I-made-for-dinner kind of thing.  I have a feeling ham salad may not be a “thing” outside of the southern US.  Or maybe it is, I don’t know.

Anyway, here’s what I did, or how you make pretty much any southern meat salad:

1. Cube the ham (chicken/turkey/whatever)

2. Dice up some crunchy non-protein (onion and celery always, nuts could work, pickles, dried cranberries, apples…)

3. Glop in some mayo (and mustard, in this instance–I used dijon and regular yellow).  Stir as you go, don’t add too too much.

4. Add some herbs.  I added parsley, dill, and tarragon–unfortunately all dried because that’s all I had.

That’s really all there is.


Works well as an appetizer, served with crackers.
These here are pecan crackers–so good!

The absolute best way to have ham salad, though, is on a sandwich.  

The best bread for said sandwich is cinnamon raisin toast.


Because sweet, toasty bread + salty ham salad = Pure deliciousity


Now THAT’S a sandwich


The salad is better if you let it set in the refrigerator overnight.  I realize there’s no actual “setting” involved, but it’s like stews or soups–it’s better the next day after all the flavors sit together for a while.  But I won’t judge if you dig in right away, too.


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