Back from Hiatus!

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Hello readers!  I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long, and I owe you an explanation.  

We had roaches.  It was awful.  We had battled them for 2 months!  Pretty much since Ryan’s birthday.  We caught them from the people who lived below us, who were apparently druggy hoarders and contracted roaches, then they spread to their neighbors.  Then the building sprayed, and they went upward, so my neighbors and we got roaches.  It’s been a mess, we’ve done battle with an unhelpful landlord, and most importantly, we haven’t had a kitchen for 2 months, since everything from our kitchen and bathroom had to be moved out, so we relocated everything into bags in our living room.  And waited.  And they sprayed poison.  And we waited.  And they sprayed more poison.  And finally, knock on so much wood, we may be roach free.  So we’ve reassembled our kitchen and are moving on with our lives.  

I apologize for not explaining where I was.  I have so many things I’ve wanted to cook and bake, and so many things to share, but I just haven’t had the time, energy, or spirit, due to our disgusting infestation.  Which wasn’t our fault, which is probably the worst part.  

So anyway, I’m back!  Many posts coming soon!  Thanks for bearing with me : )




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