Getting the Most of your Summer: Sunset Beach Picnics

ImageBecause Ryan and I only get one day off each week (Saturdays), I like to make the most of our “weekend” and do something on Friday nights so it feels like we’re packing the most we can into our time out of work.  Last Friday, we were trying to figure out how to spend our Friday night.  As usual, Ryan wanted to go to the beach.  Normally, I’m a sucker for the beach, but for Ryan, beach = fishing, and he wanders off to do his thing.  I wanted to spend time together, so I initially said no.  Then I saw a gorgeous picture somewhere on the internets (I wish I’d saved it) of a beach picnic, and immediately changed my mind.  I love the beach, and I love picnics, and something about this picture triggered an alarm in my brain “summer is ending soon!  It’s already August!  The beach will be cold again soon!  Won’t it be nice to have a picnic!  Won’t it be nice to enjoy a sunset before you start leaving work after it gets dark again?” 

I grabbed some picnicky things at the grocery store on my lunch, Ryan ordered sandwiches at Bay Cities to pick up on our way (we love their sandwiches so much), and we made it to the beach in time to watch the sun set.  


Our favorites



It did get a bit chilly after the sun went down, so I grabbed the sweatshirt I keep in the car for such occasions.




There’s something really great about living so close to the water that we can grab food, drive to the beach, throw a picnic on the sand, and eat by the water.  I know we won’t live here forever, so I try to take in as much beach as I can.  











Of course, our night didn’t just end with a nice sunset and a drive home.  We;re never that picture perfect.  Ryan was itching to get his gear out of the car and throw bait into the water.  So after our picnic, he caught a couple bat rays.  This is the only one I photographed.  He’s weird and doesn’t like pictures of his fish unless they’re colossal beasts.  I think he probably watches too much River Monsters.  



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