Catching Up – Random Snapshots of Summer

Did you think I’d fallen off the face of the earth?  I apologize for not posting for a while.  Working 6 full days a week is brutal and draining, which is why I mostly seem to post on Saturday nights, as Saturday is my “weekend.”  So here are my usual pile of posts all at once.

I thought I’d share some random pictures of what my late July/ early August have looked like so far.  So without further ado….


I finally got around to switching our spring wreath to summer.
I love hibiscuses!



Gorgeous ivy climbing a fence in Venice


These pretty purple flowers were the ivy’s neighbors. Venice has the prettiest plants


I had a hankering for good southern BBQ last weekend and hit Baby Blues in Venice.
I’m also a sucker for a good mural.


Getting my BBQ fix: (clockwise from top left): sweet potatoes, sweet tea,
pulled pork, cole slaw, and cornbread. Mmmm


I bought a million mason jars to continue organizing my pantry/store bulk foods/make jam and yummy treats in/give people treats in. I love jars and they’re so pretty and endlessly useful!


I cannot get enough grilled corn this summer! I’m going to be so sad when corn season is over.


I’m such an LA noob and get excited about film shooting. This was
at the little cafe outside my law firm. We snuck glimpses out our
windows looking for movie stars. I took a couple shots on my way to lunch.


Big film crew trucks


The stars’ trailers, parked at Ralphs. I was really hoping to see
someone I recognized coming out of one.


The most delicious blueberries! I’ve been eating
them by the pint these past weeks.


Cupcakes from the woman whose stolen car I helped track after it was stolen from valet at the mall. The thief didn’t realize the owner had accidentally left her phone in the car, so I talked 911 to the car using Find My Phone. 6 cop cars and a helicopter tracked the car across LA as I told them where it was. It was really exciting, and I’m glad she got the car back and everything worked out.


Adorable baby pineapple plant at Trader Joe’s!


Fishing stickers on the door of the boat we went fishing on today.


Build-your-own pizzas at 800 Degrees, one of our Westwood go-tos.


DJ sets at the Hammer Museum by our beloved KCRW.
Hard to pass up when it’s within walking distance and free.


A cake one of our associate attorneys made for her friend, our intern,
who was going back to Germany. Apparently they don’t have red velvet
in Germany.


Al fresco dinner with friends and co-workers in Venice

More posts coming tonight, stay tuned!


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