Birthday Weekend Getaway: Big Bear



No, not the animal!  Ryan’s birthday is this weekend, so we’re ditching work a bit early and driving to Big Bear.


It obviously won’t be snowy, but seeing the pictures of all the snow, we might have to go back in the winter, too, some time.

I got an awesome deal on a little cabin online, so we’re going to spend the weekend fishing (of course), hiking, cooking (our cabin supposedly has a decent kitchen), reading, napping, and pretending we don’t have work on Monday.

Anybody have any good plans for the weekend or things we can’t miss in Big Bear?





Day Tripping: San Clemente


Earlier this month I had a WHOLE WEEKEND off.  Now that I’m working 6 full days a week, this was the biggest imaginable treat, and I looked forward to it all July, and dreamed of all kinds of things to do for two glorious days.  I had wanted to take a weekend trip somewhere nice and do it up a little, but Ryan found out about two weeks out that he had an all-day chemistry conference he had to attend in Irvine on the Friday we had wanted to escape early for our weekend getaway, and he wouldn’t be back until late.  Instead of stressing and losing sleep, we decided to do an easy weekend around LA. Continue reading

Catching Up – Random Snapshots of Summer

Did you think I’d fallen off the face of the earth?  I apologize for not posting for a while.  Working 6 full days a week is brutal and draining, which is why I mostly seem to post on Saturday nights, as Saturday is my “weekend.”  So here are my usual pile of posts all at once.

I thought I’d share some random pictures of what my late July/ early August have looked like so far.  So without further ado….


I finally got around to switching our spring wreath to summer.
I love hibiscuses!


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