Everything tastes better grilled (+ grilled pizza recipe)

I hadn’t even realized that I didn’t blog this yet.  We got a grill!  I got Ryan one for his birthday a year ago, I believe, but it was a tiny little charcoal hibachi, and the one time we grilled on our balcony, it was so smoky I was pretty sure someone was going to call the fire department.  Charcoal is my favorite means of grilling, but it takes longer, and you have to dump the ash afterwards, and it’s more work.  We decided to get a propane Weber after my friend Nebraska (not her real name, but she’s from there and that’s what we call her) told me how much they love theirs and grill all the time.  She’s vegetarian, and her boyfriend is a carnivore so he grills meat on his half and she veggies on her half and they make all kinds of yumminess.


Houston, we have ignition


This is what we grilled on our grill’s first day of life. We went a little nuts. It was worth it. Everything is better grilled.


One of our favorites so far–grilled corn. Corn on the cob is so delicious, and grilled corn is good in so many things (especially pasta or salads), or just by itself.


We’ve thrown all kinds of yumminess on our grill and can’t wait to keep grilling new things.  In that spirit, and encouraged by Nebraska, we grilled our first pizza tonight.


We picked up the dough at Bay Cities today when we got lunch.  They sell balls of frozen dough for $1.50, which is worth it to me not to have to make my own dough.  I’m lazy, doughwise.  Afterwards, we went grocery shopping and hardware shopping and our poor dough thawed, so we decided to make pizza tonight.


Red peppers are so good grilled!


After some research, Ryan decided to roll out the dough and grill one side for 2 minutes (lid closed) on high before dressing the pizza. This was a good idea, as the pizza dough turned out perfectly cooked despite being kind of thick.



The flip side of the crust after 2 minutes of grilling.


Pizza toppings, including that delicious grilled red pepper, red onion (one of our favorite pizza toppings), basil (another favorite), pine nuts, parmesan, and chicken breast that we grilled earlier tonight.


Pizza, pre-grilling. We put all the toppings on the grilled side of the crust, but the bottom is still raw. In hindsight, it would be easier to flip the crust on the grill, quickly add toppings, and let it finish baking there. We had some trouble getting the pizza back onto the grill because the bottom was so soft.


Back on the grill, then grilled for ~5 minutes on low (lid open, this time) to melt everything.




Pizza, post-grilling


Dinner! And yes, we iced our wine, but we were hot from grilling, and like our wine cold. Mmmm

What other things should we try grilling?  Any favorite grilling recipes?


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