An Ode to Ryan’s Oldsmobile and Blueberry Pie


This week Ryan donated his poor old car to NPR. Since Grandma gave him their Subaru, we donated it to her favorite Classical station.  Tuesday night when we were unloading stuff from it, I saw that it still had half a tank of gas, so we decided to take it on a farewell ride up the coast.


These are not good pictures, but I there was ocean and a fullish moon, I promise.


We drove up the PCH past Malibu and grabbed some taco truck and ate our last tacos in it. 


In its dying days, Ryan’s car wouldn’t start again if you drove it a while then parked and tried to turn it back on. So we left it running while we got taco truck.


Ryan’s favorite taco truck, which lives on Santa Monica Blvd. across from the thrift store in West LA


Last meal in the Olds

Crappy Oldsmobile, you were a good car mostly and made it across the country 4 times and took Ryan fishing a million times and didn’t die on that highway in the middle of nowhere when we were going down a hill at 80 mph and I accidentally shifted into reverse. Someone will fix you up and give you a nice new life. I’ll kind of miss you.


The Olds in better days: camping by the most mosquitoey lake in Texas


The Olds in better days: awkwardly surrounded by cop cars


The Olds in better days: beach camping


The Olds in better days: on our drive cross country, at Jesus Christ is Lord Travel Center, naturally


Removing the Georgia tags



Last portrait after the last drive up the coast

Also, I made blueberry pie, because fresh blueberries were mega cheap and are in season and delicious right now.  


Again, terribly lit pictures, but yay pie!  I used the Kitchn’s recipe and cheated and used a store bought roll out crust.  But the point was the berries.  Again, yay summer!


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