Local Color: Tapia Bros Farm


On the way home from Grandma’s today, we took a different route and checked out Tapia Bros Farm in Encino, CA.  I’d been itching to go to a pick-your-own produce place, but we don’t have any near us in LA.  Tapia isn’t, but it was the closest thing I could find, and more rural than an LA farmers market would be, which is what I was after.  We passed some Sepulveda garden co-ops on the way in and they really made me wish I had a piece of ground (even borrowed) to grow our own little plants.  If only there was something like that a bit closer to home.  


The produce stand itself

On our way in, we were greeted by some chickens and a cheery red tractor.

On our way in, we were greeted by some chickens and a cheery red tractor.


I told Ryan to look excited to be here. This is what he gave me. To be fair, he’d been grilling in the heat most of the day.

We decided to take a walk around the little farm before heading in to check out fruits and veggies.  I’m glad we did.


This little chunk of garden was mostly past its prime and dried up, but the cow cutout and scarecrow were cute.


Onions for days.


Turkey friends!



They looked so silly!



Ryan communing with goats. I talked with the sheep, too.



This guy was particularly fancy.


Then it was browsing/shopping time.

IMG_1942  IMG_1961

IMG_1960 IMG_1959



I loved all the cute, illustrated signage.

IMG_1957IMG_1956 IMG_1952IMG_1946 IMG_1944


This was our final haul for the day. We had a hard time picking.

So it’s corn and peaches for dinner tonight after our massive cookout earlier.  And maybe some sliced up tomatoes.  It’s okay to have grilled corn twice in one day, right?  I just can’t get enough of summer.


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