Quick and Easy Chocolate Cookie Truffles


All variations of cake pops and truffles seem to be popular on the interwebs lately.  Cake pops are enormously complicated to make, though, and I’ll take a yummy, easy recipe over a complicated one any day.

May I present for your sugary pleasure, these chocolate cookie truffles.  They have two ingredients, and require no baking, so they’re perfect for summer, and easy enough to throw together for a last minute picnic/dessert/event-you-need-to-bring-food-to.

Quick and Easy Chocolate Cookie Truffles

1 package chocolate cookies, oreos, whatever you have on hand

1 package cream cheese, softened (I used Neufchatel to cut a few calories)

Smoosh up your cookies really well.  You can put them in a ziplock bag and rolling pin them, take out some frustration, or do what I did and throw them in your magic bullet/food processor.  Add softened cream cheese to your crumbs and stir.  Once everything is combined, your “batter” should be pretty thick.  Roll into bite-sized balls, drop onto parchment/waxed paper, and keep refrigerated.  Recipe made about 40 truffles.


I started with a package of Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies from Sweet Lady Jane bakery, which I strangely picked up at the grocery store.  There were 8 big cookies, but I ate one (in the name of science, or something), so I used 7 in this recipe.  I adapted this recipe from a recipe that called for a whole package of oreos, cream cheese, and then dipped the truffles in chocolate, but I deemed that too complicated and overly sweet.


Cookies, mid-crumbling


My trusty Magic Bullet, which perfectly ground the cookies, as long as I only put in one at a time.  They were big though, and the job went fast.


Cookies, evenly crumbled.


I added the crumbs to the cream cheese in batches, about 1/4 at a time, stirring in between.


This was the final texture of my truffle batter.


They were yummy little treats, and I’d rather eat a couple truffles than one big cookie, anyway.


You could do variations, I’m sure.  Maybe switch up the kind of cookies, use flavored cream cheese, etc.  I’m kind of tempted to try again with greek yogurt instead of cream cheese and see how that goes.  The biggest plus is that these don’t require any kind of baking, which is nice with this weird heat wave LA is having this past week.  Hooray for cool kitchens!


One thought on “Quick and Easy Chocolate Cookie Truffles

  1. Ooh, maybe some unsweetened Greek yogurt will give these a semisweet to bittersweet flavor. I think the little wine fridge that’s great for storing chocolate will make these set up perfectly, too. I like this recipe idea better than the one that uses melted chocolate chips & powdered sugar with the cream cheese. These are a good lightened up version for this heat wave!

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