Everything tastes better grilled (+ grilled pizza recipe)

I hadn’t even realized that I didn’t blog this yet.  We got a grill!  I got Ryan one for his birthday a year ago, I believe, but it was a tiny little charcoal hibachi, and the one time we grilled on our balcony, it was so smoky I was pretty sure someone was going to call the fire department.  Charcoal is my favorite means of grilling, but it takes longer, and you have to dump the ash afterwards, and it’s more work.  We decided to get a propane Weber after my friend Nebraska (not her real name, but she’s from there and that’s what we call her) told me how much they love theirs and grill all the time.  She’s vegetarian, and her boyfriend is a carnivore so he grills meat on his half and she veggies on her half and they make all kinds of yumminess.


Houston, we have ignition

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Wood + mason jars + hardware = extra storage (DIY)

Look what I made this afternoon!  And you can make one, too!


I’ve seen a lot of this kind of project popping up on Pinterest and such and it clicked that a little storage rack would be useful for our apartment as our bathroom has practically zero storage.  So I hit the hardware store today on the way home from the beach. Continue reading

Local Color: Tapia Bros Farm


On the way home from Grandma’s today, we took a different route and checked out Tapia Bros Farm in Encino, CA.  I’d been itching to go to a pick-your-own produce place, but we don’t have any near us in LA.  Tapia isn’t, but it was the closest thing I could find, and more rural than an LA farmers market would be, which is what I was after.  We passed some Sepulveda garden co-ops on the way in and they really made me wish I had a piece of ground (even borrowed) to grow our own little plants.  If only there was something like that a bit closer to home.   Continue reading

Quick and Easy Chocolate Cookie Truffles


All variations of cake pops and truffles seem to be popular on the interwebs lately.  Cake pops are enormously complicated to make, though, and I’ll take a yummy, easy recipe over a complicated one any day.

May I present for your sugary pleasure, these chocolate cookie truffles.  They have two ingredients, and require no baking, so they’re perfect for summer, and easy enough to throw together for a last minute picnic/dessert/event-you-need-to-bring-food-to. Continue reading