Summer Has Arrived!

Yesterday was the first day of summer. That felt like it needed celebrating. After meeting my friend Lisa and her friend Mel for a quick glass of wine and a snack at Bodega in Santa Monica, Ryan picked me up for a trip to the beach. The picture above was the first sunset of the summer!

I love how long the sun is up these days! It feels like there are so many more hours in the day, which is great since I’m working so much lately.

Ryan made us a little picnic of fried chicken and coleslaw sandwiches in between fishing. It was to dark for a good sandwich picture, but here’s a picture of the first moonrise of summer.

And here’s the little horn shark he caught!

Today, we slept in and decided to have another beach picnic.

The day couldn’t have been nicer. It was warm and breezy and perfectly sunny.

I cut up half a watermelon at home, picked up some healthy-ish chips and a case of root beer (in glass bottles, because that seemed perfectly summery) at the store, and sandwiches at Bay Cities Deli in Santa Monica. It was the perfect summer beach meal.

We finished off our picnic with some key lime pie.

Not a bad start to the summer! What are your quintessential summer activities/traditions?


2 thoughts on “Summer Has Arrived!

  1. Great pics & wasn’t that moon awesome to contemplate? For those pics were you possibly using an iPhone? Reason I ask is I’m trying to sell an airline pilot friend who needs a new camera on the idea of Verizon’s current deal on the iPhone 5. Sorry, I really don’t mean to advertise on your blog, but i read a thing where Annie Liebowitz called the iPhone today’s “snap shot camera.” just curious how you get all these good shots, both close up food shots & the panorama things.

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