No-bake Summer Berry Tarte

Summer is my favorite time of the year in Southern California. The weather is always awesome, the beach gets sunny and warm, and every kind of produce is in season, cheap, delicious, and likely local.

This week, for example, Sprouts had blueberries for $1/pack, and Ralph’s had raspberries for $1/pack. Needless to say, I’ve been gorging on berries.

You know what’s also delicious and super summery? Pies. And cobblers. Maybe it’s my southern roots, but fruit-and-pastry desserts just scream summer.

Today, I also found a pre-baked shortbread crust on sale (I’m super lazy at making pie crusts from scratch), and it gave me an idea.

No-bake summer berry tarte
1 shortbread crust, baked (homemade, store bought, or graham cracker, however you want to do it. I won’t judge)
1 block (8 oz.) cream cheese, softened
1 vanilla or plain Greek yogurt (just the little kind, not a big tub–mine was 6 oz.)
1/4 cup sugar
~12 oz. fresh berries–whatever’s in season (I used a pack of blueberries and a pack of raspberries, but strawberries, blackberries, etc. would all be good)

Mix the cream cheese, yogurt, and sugar until blended. Spoon into crust. Pour berries on top. That’s it. How easy was that?!?

That’s my crust. It was Keebler I think.

There’s the cream cheese yogurt sugar mixture. So far, so good.

Berries, pre-tarte

Berries, post-tarte

And that’s it! So pretty and summery and easy! No baking, no oven heat, and super quick–the perfect summer dessert that allows the berries to stay center stage.


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