Homemade Blueberry Jam


After making strawberry jam, I was tempted to branch out and try other flavors.  And when blueberries came into season, blueberry jam was a delicious inevitability.

Refrigerator jams are delicious and easy to make and most importantly, don’t require pressure cookers or any of the other annoyances of traditional canning.  I modeled my recipe off Real Simple‘s, but with a few delicious changes.  I wanted to make more than just 3 cups, for starters.


Homemade Blueberry Refrigerator Jam

10 cups blueberries (I used half fresh, half frozen wild berries)

3/4 cup sugar (I used half real, half splenda)

~1/4 cup lemon juice

~1/2 cup water

2 tbsp orange zest (optional, but delicious)

Add everything to a big enough saucepan.  Turn stove to medium heat.  Mash with a spoon, potato masher, whatever you have on hand so it gets kind of liquidy.  I only added the water because my mixture seemed too dry and I didn’t want my berries to scorch.  Cook over medium for ~30 mins, mashing the berries more as you go.  When it looks jammy enough, pour into sterilized jars, let cool, then fridge.


I started with these fresh berries from California (yay local-ish berries) plus a bag of frozen wild blueberries from Oregon.


Wash your berries well, and make sure any stems or icky berries are removed.


I’m kind of obsessed with how pretty these berries are.


I used lemon cubes I’d saved from my Grandpa’s recent lemon harvest, plus frozen orange zest from his oranges.



That’s a lot of blueberries.  Cook them on medium, mashing occasionally to juice up the jam.



They’ll get juicier…



… and juicier.  At this point, about 30 mins in, I declared it done and funneled it into jam jars I’d cleaned, dried, and kept the oven at 350 to keep them disinfected.  I boiled the lids until they were ready to close.  Just trying to keep any germies out.



My recipe made 3.5 jars of delicious jam.  My grandma tells me it’s delicious over vanilla ice cream as a blueberry sundae.  I poured some over whole wheat pancakes the other day.  Can’t beat blueberry jam!  Any other ideas I haven’t thought of?  Please share. IMG_1134


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