Homemade Almond Butter with Honey and Sea Salt


That’s a jar of homemade almond butter.  With honey and sea salt.  It is absurdly good.  Here’s how I made it.

How much more exciting does almond butter sound than peanut butter?  Peanut butter is kids stuff.  Almond butter is more sophisticated, like peanut butter’s cooler, older cousin who develops apps at a tech startup and knows about wine pairings and stuff.  

There were lots of recipes for almond butter when scouring the internets (I like to research before trying a new recipe), but added cinnamon or sounded not very exciting.  After reading up a bit, I decided to make my own recipe.  Not that it’s much of a recipe.  It’s almonds, honey, and salt.  But still.  



I bought bulk almonds from Sprouts when they were on sale last week.  And my salt is labeled in chalk on chalkboard contact paper, which is how I’ve redone all my jars in my pantry [that’s for another post].  My poor honey is all crystalized, despite being maybe 2 months old, max.  Honey never stays liquid for long here.  

Top tip: This recipe is fantastic for using honey that is crystalizing because it doesn’t have to be pretty or properly drizzly.  Microwave in 10 second intervals with the lid off, stirring between heatings until the honey can pour from its jar.


Most of the recipes I used called for only 2 cups of almonds.  Clearly I wanted more almond butter than that, so I opted for 5 cups.  Mostly because that’s the amount of almonds I bought.


Almond Butter with Honey and Sea Salt

5 cups almonds

1/4 cup honey

sea salt (to taste)


Add almonds and honey and blend like mad in a food processor (I added the salt at the end).  This recipe actually requires a food processor.  You’ll be processing for a couple minutes.  Scrape as you go.  When the almond butter starts rolling into balls, it’s almost done.  Give it a bit longer til it looks properly peanut buttery.  Jar, and fridge.

It seriously takes a long time to get from almonds to almond butter.  I mean, seriously, in terms of food processing.  Normally my food processor can knock things down pretty quickly.  But they key here is blending til the almonds release their oil, and then it all comes together.  

Here were my stages of almondiness. 



After a couple minutes of processing, my almonds stopped budging and I kept having to scrape them down and break them up way too much. So I took out half the concoction and blended it in two batches, which worked pretty well.  But if you have and awesome food processor, it can probably handle it all at once.  



Clearly this needed to be taste tested immediately.  I grabbed the nearest piece of bread, slathered it with almond butter, drizzled on honey, and sprinkled on some more sea salt.  


So little effort for so much good!  Now just imagine an almond butter and homemade jam sandwich!  Now we’re talking.  


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