Lab Glassware as Geek Chic Vases



I’ve always been a fan of using things for purposes unrelated to their actual functions.  Cute bowls or plates as jewelry holders, wine bottles as plant waterers (poor man’s aqua globes), that kind of thing.  

Despite sucking at science, I’ve always been fascinated by labware.  I wanted to buy some flasks and beakers and such to have on hand back in college, but everything I found was crazily expensive.  A recent article from the Kitchn talked about using lab glass in the home, along with some cheaper sources on Amazon, and I bit.  These are my new bud vases.




I ended up buying these for a couple bucks with Amazon Prime (hooray free shipping!).  I also bought a little wooden test tube rack ($5!) and some test tubes as individual flower vases.  

Ryan thought I was crazy and is kind of on the fence about having labware in our apartment as decor (he associates them strictly with work), but I like the scientific, industrial look combined with pretty flowers (currently, sprigs of jasmine that are blooming everywhere in our neighborhood right now, including in front of our building, so I can replace them as they droop).

It was important to me to buy new (not used) in case I ever want to use these little guys for cooking.  The littler beakers or flasks would be perfect for mixing up salad dressing, and I could see using a larger beaker for sangria or lemonade.  Plus they’re perfectly heatable and such.  

What do you think?  Too weird and sci fi, or geek chic?





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