Lazy “weekend” Waffle Brunch


I have the day off today for no real reason at all, which is really nice.  I only wish a friend or two was off today, as well.  It’s a really nice day, partially because it poured rain last night, which was also fantastic.  I was up til 2:30 this morning consolidating and copying my itunes library over from its external hard drive home, which seems to be dying.  I slept in til 10:30 (glorious), helped my father set up a Linked In profile for himself, discussed Mother’s Day schemes with the sister, and made an awesome brunch.  I’m also rebuilding my itunes library right now.  Such a productive day!  Image

After getting held up by his boss to discuss a new compound they’re making, Ryan came home for lunch (it’s an easy walk/super quick bus ride from his lab).  He’s not usually one for taking pictures, but was impressed with the brunch spread and snapped that picture above.  

And this one.  



I almost didn’t share it, because I’m gross and makeupless and icky.  But there you go, internets.  Blackmail material.  

I’m also wearing my matzo apron, an homage to life at Emory, that I picked up after Passover last month.  It is awesome.  



Waffles from scratch (although our cheapy little waffle iron decided to make them super light, but the toaster open crisped them up a bit), breakfast sausage from the new Sprouts market that opened around the corner (it’s their own sausage blend, mixed in-house and yummy), hibiscus iced tea, strawberries, and more of that strawberry jam for the waffles.  I think I’m going to run pick up more strawberries and make another batch of jam today because the first batch was so good, and easy to make, too.  

But for now, I’m going to lounge, watch some Hulu, and babysit my itunes library as it rebuilds.  Fingers crossed on that one.



2 thoughts on “Lazy “weekend” Waffle Brunch

  1. That’s gotta be the most incredible music library in existence, from classical to every other punched-through place in the envelope. So you’d BETTER safeguard it.

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