Lazy Santa Monica Saturday

I’m sorry I don’t have a pretty blog cover picture today.  Here, we can pretend this one is mine:


Thieved from tumblr, but I feel like that’s what a picture of my ideal weekend would look likeInstead, it went more like this:


We slept in and lazed around til we were hungry.  I needed to drop off my Grandmother’s (now my) 1950s Singer sewing machine to get a tuneup (I don’t know that it’s ever had a real one, and it’s been fighting me and refusing to sew pretty much since it came to live with me), and the shop I found highly recommended on Yelp was in Santa Monica.  So I figured we’d do breakfast, drop off a bunch of clothes and books at Goodwill that we’ve had sitting around meaning to donate for ages.  

We finally double checked our donation piles, listed everything we were donating in case it ever counts as a tax deduction (as if), and ended up with some piles that looked like this:


Hooray for clearing up space and donating things!  Most of the books are Ryan’s sci-fi/fantasy stuff.  I’m jealous of how quickly he can get through books.  I love to read, but I’m the world’s slowest reader.  

We drove towards Santa Monica, realized it was 1:30 and we should get lunch instead of breakfast, and Ryan put in our order on Bay Cities Deli’s website.  We’ve learned our lesson about trying to order at the deli on weekends.  It takes foreverrrrr.  

First stop was the sewing machine place.  


We were greeted by the owners lovey golden retriever.  I wish I had a picture of him.  He was very friendly.  The guy in the shop seemed very straightforward and like he knew what he was talking about.  We talked about the history of my machine a bit.  He said it’s a tank and basically indestructible, what with having basically no settings (it only sews straight lines, not even zig zags).  But the thing with this era of machine is if the settings are even a little wrong sometimes, it won’t sew.  And that’s where I’d found myself.

I didn’t take a picture of my sewing machine to show you, but it looks exactly like this one.  


Just like the one I learned on when I was little at my mum’s mom’s house.  Good times.  I made a lot of Barbie clothes. 

Then Bay Cities.  It took forever to park (their lot is so tiny!), but is always so worth it.  Here’s a terrible picture of our delicious lunch.


I had the Godmother, works, no cheese, mild (Ryan forgot to do spicy, my preferred heat level).  He had the roast beef, provolone, works, mild.  I normally like to get one of the exciting drinks from the endless drink fridges, but since Ryan picked everything up while I was trying to scope out a table (also an impossibility on weekend lunch hour), we ended up with coke.  I wish pictures could convey how delicious that sandwich bread is.  Bay Cities, you are always worth the hassle.  

Then we dropped off the donations, wasted a bunch of time looking for a pair of pants for Ryan (he’s the most normal guy size ever, but all the pants were like, 42 x 30s).  We finally succeeded–new looking Banana Republic for $6.50.  I scouted a pair of Dolce Gabbana I thought might fit him, but they were super skinny in the lower leg (like, comically so) and ginormous in the butt.  I ruled them basically clown pants, and not even salvageable by a tailor, which was a real shame.  

I was the real thrift store winner, however.


Clockwise from top left: 

The Best of John Williams and the Boston Pops (Olympic Fanfare and Theme, several Star Wars selections, some E.T., Superman, the Jaws Theme, and other goodies)

Jimmy Buffett’s Changes in Latitudes Changes in Attitudes (Title track, Banana Republics, and Margaritaville…) plus a creepy picture of Jimmy Buffett in a speedo.


I was going to try to link to that picture, but it doesn’t seem to exist on the internets.  You’re welcome.  Now try getting that out image of your head.  

The Graduate Soundtrack – Songs by Paul Simon performed by Simon & Garfunkel (Sounds of Silence, Mrs. Robinson, Scarborough Fair, etc.)

Frank Sinatra’s Greatest Hits (minus the album sleeve, unfortunately) (When Somebody Loves You, This Town, Strangers in the Night, etc.)

and Perry Como + Johnny Mathis Christmas albums.  Because I’m a sucker for Christmas on vinyl.  And I grew up with this kind of music every Christmas.

Good times were had by all.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to try out some of this new awesome music of mine.  


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