I am a citrus siren

My Grandma sent me home with a tree’s worth of lemons yesterday. I juiced the small pile on the left and now have >2 gallons of juice. Just from the small pile.

Does anyone have any awesome recipes that use a million lemons? I’m bringing most to work this week, but still need to use a lot. I’m freezing some in cubes, but still…. That’s a lot of juice!


I am a citrus siren

5 thoughts on “I am a citrus siren

  1. That is a “LOT” of lemons! Try making some lemon curd (recipe on my site). That should use up two or three… The cubes are a good idea. You can defrost one or two every morning and drink it up in a glass of warm water – a miracle worker! Check out my site for details 🙂

    • Great idea! I actually made some lemon curd from the recipe in one of my previous posts, along with a ton of lemonade, but I’ll have to try out your recipe sometime 🙂
      Thanks for reading!

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