Cheap, Easy DIY: Seasonal Wreaths


Spring and Summer Wreath DIY

Here’s a confession.  I left my Christmas wreath up way into January.  It was the first DIY I ever posted on my blog and turned out better than I ever thought it would.  It was cheap and fun, and festive.

Another reason I left it up so long is that our building is pretty blah, and our hallway even more so.  After a long day of work, it was always nice to get off the elevator and be greeted with this view as I walked down the hall to my place:


I know it doesn’t seem like much, but it was a friendly touch in our otherwise clinically dull hall.  I like to think that people walking to the stairway at the end of the hall enjoyed it, too.

That said, my mum and I were bouncing around non-Christmas wreath ideas.  We looked up ideas on Pinterest.  Some were elaborate, some were tacky, some were just right.  But I realized I needed to make a Spring wreath.  And maybe a summer one, too.  That’s where the idea for these projects was born.

The base: a simple grapevine wreath


That’s right, one of these.  I wanted something freeform and organic, and this was perfect. Plus, it was $4.99 at Joann’s.  $5!  I almost didn’t believe it, since they’re weirdly expensive online.

While I was there, I wanted to get more supplies.  I figured I could have gotten more flowers and such at the dollar store again, and maybe that’s a craft for another year, but Joann had such lovely floral garlands that I decided to go with those.  Plus, they were on sale–originally $12.99 but I got them for $7 and change!  For my spring wreath, I vacillated  between a cheery yellow forsythia garland and some lovely pink cherry blossoms, but then I found this and knew right away it was perfect.


Growing up in Georgia, we had tons of Dogwood trees, and they always bloomed right before or during Spring Break.  So this garland was a no-brainer.

The summer garland was easy, too.


When Ryan and I moved to California, we were immediately taken by all the incredible hibiscus bushes that seem to be everywhere.  They’re so vibrant and tropical and embody summer.  Plus the hummingbirds love them.


Summer wreath

This is such an easy, quick project.  I tried arranging the hibiscuses first.


It was kind of a combination between wrapping and weaving.  The grapevine wreath is nice because you can weave the flowers and leaves into the wreath to help place them.  Here’s what I came up with:


The size of our apartment usually dictates the kinds of things we buy.  I love things that are multifunctional or can transition between purposes.  If I had a big apartment with room to store things, I absolutely would have left this wreath as is and made a separate spring wreath.  Unfortunately, we never have as much storage space as we’d like, so I stashed the hibiscus garland in a bag to wait until June.

Spring wreath


I just started by moving and weaving the garland into the wreath.


I moved around the wreath, tucking bits into the grapevine and tying the parts of the garland into the wreath with bits of fishing line to keep it in place.


Here’s my final wreath:


I wanted both of these wreaths to be freeform and organic, like the seasons they will represent.  It would have been easy to add more flowers or elements (I thought about adding little birdies to the spring wreath as well), but I decided this time to keep it simple.  That said, it could have been really fun to pick out combinations of individual flowers and greenery to build a more elaborate wreath.

But on a budget, and in maybe 10-15 minutes, I’m really pleased with what I came up with.  The total cost for both wreaths was $20, with the shared wreath form.  I could have made two complete wreaths for $25.  Not bad, considering Joann’s was selling smaller, similarly basic wreaths for about that price per wreath.


I had another springy project planned to make and share today, but I got stumped and ran out of materials towards the end, so I’ll share that once I work everything out.  In the meantime, I have an awesome, fun wreath to brighten my hallway all spring AND then transition into the summer.  Who knows, maybe it will get covered in leaves this fall.



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