Apartment Living: Blik Headboard Decal Edition


As you may have gathered by now, we live in a little apartment in LA.  It’s little because apartments are ridiculously expensive here.  In college, I thought Atlanta was expensive, but in LA, they make you put down 2 major organs as well as first months’ rent as a deposit.

Heh heh.  All kidding aside, our place is little.  And our building is poorly maintained, and I’m kind of hoping we’ll find a dream apartment one of these days, with cheaper rent, a nice, friendly apartment manager who keeps our place from falling apart, a non-leaky bathroom, cabinets that close properly….

Anyway, as a result, we’re trying to keep our stuff to a minimum.  Partly so we can move everything relatively easily when our someday moving day comes, partly because we’re poor, and partly because we literally have no room to keep much.  As such, our bed is about the most minimal thing Ikea had two Julys ago when we moved in.   Continue reading


Local Color: a walk around the Venice Canals

Weekend before last, we broke with our normal brunch-in-Westwood, fishing-north-of-Santa-Monica habit, which is our go to on weekends we don’t have anything planned, and headed south to Marina del Rey/Venice.  We ended up at Killer Cafe for breakfast.


We had to wait a bit, but accidentally ended up with the best table in the whole place.


Seriously.  Ryan took this picture from his seat at the table.  We were in the back corner of the patio, right by the marina. Continue reading

New Rainboots – now with DIY bow action!


You may have seen the beginnings of this project in the background of my previous lemon picture.  If you did, kudos to you, you are awesome at details.  This project took longer than expected (I’ll get to why) but was worth it, because I now have adorable custom boots.

As you may recall, lovely readers (all two of you anyway, ha), my beloved rainboots that got me through college finally bit it.  Given that right around now is “rainy season” in LA (meaning we might get two days of on and off drizzle), I needed to get some replacements–and fast.

I had pinned these on Pinterest months back and adored them.  And basically decided to rip them off once my brown floral pair died.  So I set about shopping for rainboots to cut up and grommet.  Continue reading

I am a citrus siren

I am a citrus siren

My Grandma sent me home with a tree’s worth of lemons yesterday. I juiced the small pile on the left and now have >2 gallons of juice. Just from the small pile.

Does anyone have any awesome recipes that use a million lemons? I’m bringing most to work this week, but still need to use a lot. I’m freezing some in cubes, but still…. That’s a lot of juice!

I was sad my bed didn’t have a headboard

I was sad my bed didn't have a headboard

So I ordered one**! And it was 20% off with free shipping. And if I get sick of it, or when we move, I can peel it off, stick it on a backing, and move it to our next place. Or switch it up.

I’m really looking forward to having a real place someday where I can paint the walls and drill lots of holes and have real furniture. One day…. For now, I will settle for a vinyl decal of a fancy headboard.

**unfortunately, that is the picture from the Blik website, not my actual bed.  That is, however, my new headboard.  Or will be.  Once it ships and I sticker it to my wall.  As nice as that bedding is, I’m really bummed about the empty mugs and raw artichoke on that tray.  Give me some actual tea and maybe some scones or a muffin, and then we’ll be talking.

Lemon Curd: Sounds fancy, is easy to make and delicious

ImageTomorrow morning I’m off to see my grandparents.  So tonight I’m making lemon curd and Ryan’s making risotto, which I’m bringing with me.  We’re secretly keeping a little bit of lemon curd (because it’s so damn delicious) and eating some of the risotto tonight.  Don’t tell.  They make big batches, though, so I think we’ll be okay.

Side note: I cannot even tell you how amazing our apartment smells right now.  I feel like I say that a lot.  I guess we make a bunch of awesome smelling foods. Continue reading

Cheap, Easy DIY: Seasonal Wreaths


Spring and Summer Wreath DIY

Here’s a confession.  I left my Christmas wreath up way into January.  It was the first DIY I ever posted on my blog and turned out better than I ever thought it would.  It was cheap and fun, and festive.

Another reason I left it up so long is that our building is pretty blah, and our hallway even more so.  After a long day of work, it was always nice to get off the elevator and be greeted with this view as I walked down the hall to my place: Continue reading

Sounds gross but is delicious: Green Smoothies! [and a Magic Bullet review]


My parents are cool and bought me a Magic Bullet for my birthday.  I’m not really one for TV infomercial stuff, and didn’t ask for it by name.  I told my mum I wanted a mini blender/food processor because I hated dragging out my giant blender or food processor to make a smoothie for myself or a small batch of hummus, mainly because both were such a pain in the ass to clean, and neither fit in my dishwasher well.  So she got me the Magic Bullet. Continue reading