An Ode to my Fallen Rainboots


It’s been a rainy end-of-the-week in LA.  On Friday morning, I stepped confidently into a large sidewalk puddle on my way to work, wearing my trusty rain boots.  This is nothing unusual; I like walking in deep puddles in my rainboots–it makes me feel invincible.  But then, exiting the puddle, I felt water creep into my socks in two places.  Upon further inspection, my rainboots, which have served me well since I bought them at the big Target at Emory after sitting miserably in class with wet socks and jeans after the first big rainstorm of freshman year, have developed two tears, one in the left top foot area, and one in the right heal, just torn down a seam.

I will miss these boots very much, as they have served me well through many wet Emory tromps to the music theory building and to practices at the Schwartz and all around campus, and then around LA for our once-or-twice-yearly rains.  I will miss their cheery retro floral print.  I hope to find another pair that will serve me well for as many years.  Any recommendations?


In other news, the skies cleared up today, and since Ryan had to go to work today (he’s working through the weekend writing a grant), I popped into Trader Joe’s and met him at the UCLA botanical gardens for a picnic lunch.


may have overbought the food.  That’s how trips to Trader Joe’s usually end up.  But leftovers are a good thing.  We discovered that the falafel wrap should definitely be heated up (it was a little strange cold), the limeade has 60 grams of sugar in a glass, and the reduced fat chinese chicken salad is pretty awesome.


Speaking of limeade, my Grandpa sent me home with bags of citrus the other day.  They’re still sitting on my living room floor because I haven’t had the time or energy to juice them yet.  I suspect that will happen tonight, and I suspect that will lead to another blog post about how I make lemonade.



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