Shrimp and pasta – two ways


Hello again!  I realize I haven’t posted Christmas or Birthday happenings yet (Ryan surprised me with a trip to Catalina for my Quarter-Century birthday), but I haven’t even uploaded the pictures yet.  I’m back to working 6 days a week (ugh), so that will have to wait.

Last night, I bought shrimp at the grocery store, because they were on sale and because I was sick of chicken.  They’re the crappy shrimps that come pre-cooked, wrapped up in plastic.  Ryan hates all forms of pre-cooked shrimp because he thinks they’re an abomination.  But these were cheap, and I like shrimp with cocktail sauce (as trashy as it is), so voila, dinner.

But then I got home and wanted something a little fancier.  Ryan wanted to make this but I object to tomatoes cooked that way, tomatoes and shrimp together (I know, I’m weird), and wasn’t in a spicy mood.

After continuing to disagree, we decided to make pasta (Ryan wanted orzo, but we ended up agreeing on fiber-blasted mini rotinis (I’m trying to cut out simple white pasta, but apparently there’s no such thing as wheat orzos), split the pile of shrimp in half, and made two separate shrimp dishes.

My take:


I minced some garlic, threw it in a hot pan with olive oil and capers, threw in some shrimp, ripped up some basil, and threw it in too.  This all happened in the space of less than a minute.  (other than garlic prep.  I’m a slow mincer)


Ryan’s take:


Ryan took his time.  He did his take on the recipe linked above.

He cooked more minced garlic in oil, added sliced dried red peppers because we didn’t have red pepper flakes, and let that cook for awhile.  Then he put in the shrimps and cooked them until they were warm.  3 minutes or so later, he added the pasta into the pan, chiffonaded some basil and threw that in with some chunks of goat cheese, salted and peppered, threw it in a bowl, and tried to eat it before I could take a picture.


And there you have it.  Our two similar-but-different takes on shrimp and pasta.  I feel like a cooking show or something.  More non-cooking related posts coming one of these days.

This morning, it’s 10:30 and already 70 degrees (last week was COLD, like lows in the 30s, which is frigid by LA standards), so we’re taking advantage of our awesome weather by hitting the beach later.  Woohoo!  Happy January, everyone!


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