An Ode to my Fallen Rainboots


It’s been a rainy end-of-the-week in LA.  On Friday morning, I stepped confidently into a large sidewalk puddle on my way to work, wearing my trusty rain boots.  This is nothing unusual; I like walking in deep puddles in my rainboots–it makes me feel invincible.  But then, exiting the puddle, I felt water creep into my socks in two places.  Upon further inspection, my rainboots, which have served me well since I bought them at the big Target at Emory after sitting miserably in class with wet socks and jeans after the first big rainstorm of freshman year, have developed two tears, one in the left top foot area, and one in the right heal, just torn down a seam. Continue reading

Shrimp and pasta – two ways


Hello again!  I realize I haven’t posted Christmas or Birthday happenings yet (Ryan surprised me with a trip to Catalina for my Quarter-Century birthday), but I haven’t even uploaded the pictures yet.  I’m back to working 6 days a week (ugh), so that will have to wait.

Last night, I bought shrimp at the grocery store, because they were on sale and because I was sick of chicken.  They’re the crappy shrimps that come pre-cooked, wrapped up in plastic.  Ryan hates all forms of pre-cooked shrimp because he thinks they’re an abomination.  But these were cheap, and I like shrimp with cocktail sauce (as trashy as it is), so voila, dinner. Continue reading