Happy New Year!


Happy nearly-2013, blogosphere!  The above darling illustration isn’t mine, no idea whose, but it was too cute, so I borrowed.

We spent Christmas with Ryan’s fam in Colorado and it was glorious.  And cold, very cold.  And snowy, but that was a nice change, plus I had my first white Christmas!  We’re happy to be back in sunny LA now, though, and I’m happy to have today AND tomorrow off!



More about Christmas later.  We are (or one of us is) usually gone for Christmas, so we usually have “Christmas Part 2” upon returning.  This year was no exception.  We had flew back to LA on Friday and had Christmas 2 on Saturday, so as usual, figured we wouldn’t want to do anything crazy for New Year’s.  I tried to get us last minute camping reservations at the campground we like north of Malibu (you literally camp on the sand and hear/see waves), which I thought would be a cool way to ring in 2013 (campfire, champagne, smores), but alas, I was too late.  So we’re having a chill night in and doing an hor d’oeuvre dinner.  Here’s what’s on the menu:




Garlic hummus on pita crackers


Barbecue chicken pizza


and mimosas and samosas!  Too perfectly rhyming not to do.

I’ve spent the evening cooking (reheating counts as cooking, right?) and editing photos, and Ryan’s alternated between gaming and watching year-end internet videos (currently “The 9 Wildest Things Fox News Said In 2012”).  So we’ll keep up our crazy, zany partying antics til midnight or so, shuffle off to bed, and Ryan will probably want to go get his 2013 fishing license and hit the beach again tomorrow morning.  At least the weather is nice enough to be beach weather.  There are some perks to a non-white Christmas, tooImage.

Wishing all of you fantastic 2013!


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