Shower Mod That’s Only Exciting To Me: Making a short shower taller (renters edition)

You guys aren’t going to be excited about this, but to me, it’s THE MOST EXCITING THING EVER!!!


I didn’t even bother to take a before picture.  You wouldn’t have been able to tell anything unless I stood in the shower next to the sad old shower head, and then you’d see that it was shorter than I am.  Which is way shorter than Ryan is.  Apparently everyone who has ever rented this apartment have been midgets or people who just like to contort themselves to wash their hair.  So the water barely hit at my shoulder level, and you had to duck weird to get your hair wet and it was the crappiest shower head ever.




S-pipe: $20 (yes, we probably overpaid, but we were desparate)

Showerhead: $20 (maybe we’ll get a better one someday, but this one is worlds better than the one we’ve had, and it has settings!)

Teflon tape (not shown): $1

Not having to crouch down to get your hair wet AND not having the sad showerhead pop off every time you try to adjust the shower head angle (and then have water come out of the old shower pipe like a pressure washer and blast your skin off): priceless

And because you’re the non-judgmental type, I know you didn’t notice the makeshift flange we had to create out of aluminum foil.  Foil’s been getting some work done here today, between the wreath and now this.  Once we screwed the s-pipe into the wall behind the shower, the little metal cover thing would not fit between the pipe in the wall.  I guess the pipe it screwed into was just way far back or something.  So we’re temporarily using foil.  I don’t know how water would splash up there anyway, but we’ll try to figure out a better fix long term.  (Anyone have any better ideas?)

We also kept the old shower head and pipe to put back when we move, as I’m pretty sure our landlord would remember that aluminum foil wasn’t part of the original shower design.


New shower setup again, just because I’m so effing excited!  Now for a marathon shower, basking in the fact that I can stand up AND have 5 brand new water settings!  Wooo!


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